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Training and retraining

In our work, we put extra emphasis on sharing the knowledge on healthcare financing we have gathered over the years with the experts who are affected and/or interested. Our courses are always customized, both in form and in content, to the specific needs of our Clients and developed taking into consideration any changes in the regulatory environment.

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Training and retraining

Our professional retraining programs are not only available to our existing Clients: Our advertised courses are open to anyone, and, if required, we are ready to provide on-site training as well. We offer retraining programs in various forms:


Personal delivery of correction proposals: Within the framework of our expert activity, the representatives designated by our Clients have the possibility to regularly meet our medical experts. Corrections are handed over personally, so that our expert can explain why each correction is necessary and answer any questions that may arise, thereby contributing to the elimination of recurring errors.


Targeted training for coders: The goal of our on-site courses is to expand the theoretical knowledge and improve the skills of experts in charge of coding. We describe and explain current financing regulations and the consequences of inadequate/inaccurate coding, and show how some typical errors can be avoided. The courses provide a possibility for us to mutually evaluate the coding practices used in the given institution, identify problems and discuss solutions. Therefore, this form of training is suitable not only for expanding the knowledge of your staff, but also for the overall improvement of financing administration in the institution.

Area-specific consultations: The coding tasks in certain areas require special skills from the healthcare professionals; moreover, in some fields (e.g. oncology), the coding process may be subject to special regulations. If required, our associates provide interactive, area-specific consultation to the persons in charge of coding in each field of expertise.


Accredited courses: In close cooperation with the Health Services Management Training Centre of the Semmelweis University of Medicine (SE HSMTC), we regularly organize accredited courses lasting one or more days. Our objective is to prepare care providers for the challenges posed by the changing regulatory environment, and review, in a practice-oriented manner, the irregularities and deficiencies found in coding.

Professional forums, conferences: We organize ad hoc retraining courses and professional discussion forums for interested specialists and authority representatives, mostly also in cooperation with SE HSMTC.


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