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How we work?

As a market leading consultancy company, we provide our Clients a knowledge and experience base gathered over fifteen years. We consistently perform our activities in accordance with the special needs of our Partners, based on a deep insight into current regulations. The quality of our services is continuously guaranteed by our highly skilled experts and strict quality assurance principles. We strive to ensure that, taking advantage of our expertise, our Clients can achieve tangible results already in the short term.

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How we work... for accurate and adequate accounting

Strict compliance

It is a priority for us to help our Clients to comply with the current regulatory environment. We conduct our expert activities according strict quality assurance principles and rules, following the instructions included in the Rule Book issued by OEP (National Health Insurance Fund), as well as the requirements set forth in laws and regulations. Compliance with the rules pertaining to the management of health data is ensured by our internal regulations and the membership of our experts in the Hungarian Chamber of Physicians.

Minimum costs

The use of our services carries only a minimum financial risk, as we mostly provide our activities against a minimum fixed fee and a performance-based bonus. The success fee is based on the performance increase resulting from our corrections, as confirmed and actually refunded by OEP.

Flexible schemes and forms of cooperation

Our services are periodically renewed and improved in line with the changing regulatory environment and the needs of our Clients. In each case, we prepare an offer taking into consideration the peculiarities and expectations of the given healthcare institution, striving to contribute to the effective operation and predictable performance planning of our Clients with a low variable cost element, with the highest extra income possible.

Tangible results

  • comprehensive accounting covering all items
  • minimize billing losses
  • extra income, already in the short term
  • optimized performance planning

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