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Our Staff

Our staff in all countries includes health finance experts, financial medical coders and coordinators, IT The management of HBCS Audit Kft. has always treated the careful selection and regular retraining of its staff as a priority. We are proud of the fact that the majority of our staff community has been working together since the very beginning, that is for almost fifteen years. The high standards of our professional activities are guaranteed by skilled healthcare financing medical experts and IT specialists. Our healthcare business management experts are responsible for the coordination of processes, while accurate documentation and other operative functions are handled by our administrative staff.

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Company management:


Managing Director:

Ferenc Kőhalmi, MD, MSc, specialist physician, specialist in health services management


IT Manager:

Katalin Imre, IT specialist, software developer mathematician

Financing medical experts:

Our experts are specialist physicians highly skilled in finance, economy and information technology, representing various fields. They are the members of our staff most frequently met by our Clients, because they perform the corrections that are handed over on a monthly basis through personal consultations.

IT staff:

One of the most important pillars of our activity is provided by our state-of-the-art IT background and our highly skilled IT specialists. They maintain continuous contact with system houses, and improve our system in accordance with the current requirements and regulations. They prepare technical and last-minute corrections and forecasts.

Healthcare business management experts:

Our staff carry out the professional administration of our activities and the coordination and organization of our work processes with utmost care and competence.

Administrative staff:

The administrative headquarters of our company are located in Kaposvár. The associates working at the secretariat provide the background and operative conditions necessary for accurate and well-balanced work